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Amazing review of Gene Pritsker new opera in Chamber Music Today, to be released in Feb. on Composers Concordance Records.

Composers Concordance Records Feb. 2012 release

a chamber opera by Gene Pritsker

Music: Gene Pritsker 
Words: William James, from Varieties of Religious 
Chester Layman (Narrator ) 
Marc Molomot (Tenor) 
Lynn Norris (Soprano) 
Chanda Rule (Gospel Voice/Mezzo Soprano) 
Charles Coleman (Leo Tolstoy/Baritone)
Kim Heller Pritsker (Narrator)
Gene Pritsker - guitar
Greg Baker- guitar
Dan Barrett - cello
Larry Goldman - bass
Cover art Agnes Steiner

PATRICK GRANT is a composer/performer living in New York City and creates music for a wide range of media.

A native of Detroit, MI (aka Motown), he moved to NYC in the mid-80s where he studied at the Juilliard School, worked on the production team for composer John Cage, and produced his first recordings at the studios of Philip Glass.

Interest in world music brought him to Bali three times to study the gamelan which has since manifested itself in his work through the use of alternative tunings and pieces requiring multiple keyboards.  He has created scores for theatrical visionaries Gerald ThomasRobert WilsonThe Living Theatre and music for installations at the Louvre and the musée du Quai Branly in Paris.

His music has been applied visually through seven collaborations with the artist Kehinde Wiley, scores for feature documentaries, and music tech seminars each semester at the NYU Film School.  Within the last year his music has been performed extensively by theater troupes in Brazil, appearing in the major cities and international festivals there. In 2009, with radio producer Jocelyn Gonzales, he created the MMiX Festival of Interactive Music Technology in NYC, an event co-sponsored by Ableton (LIVE 8), Cycling ’74 (Max/MSP), and WNYC Radio.

In December 2009, he music directed the European premiere of his electronic realization of the Morton Feldman/Samuel Beckett opera “Neither” in Vienna. In 2010, Grant returned to Europe and Brazil for new works in concert, theater, and multimedia and created H2Opus: Fluid Soundscapes by Multiple Composers for Make Music New York 2010. Grant also produces content for the new music blog The MMiXdown and is a co-director of Composers Concordance Records.

He has created musical scores for the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble and the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company in San Francisco (a piece called “the strangest and most ravishing dance of the year” by the SF Chronicle and nominated for Best Dance Score of 2003 by the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards). His work often involves elements found in the natural and physical sciences (Genome: The Autobiography of a Species).

He has been commissioned by the CUNY Graduate Center (BIG BANG 1.0), jointly by the artist Kehinde Wiley (for soprano Shequida), Deitch Projects (Rumors of War), and The Columbus Museum of Art (Historical Black Music Rollercoaster), and the Modern Museum of Fort Worth. His works have been performed at the Bang on a Can Annual MarathonMATA - Music at the Anthology, by Gamelan Son of LionThe CUNY Graduate Center’s Science & the Arts series, and the Forum Freies Theater in Germany.

As a presenter, Mr. Grant has produced scores of new music concerts in the alternative spaces of New York City, in art galleries, theaters, factory lofts and clubs, since 1988. He is founder and artistic director of Strange Music Inc.,an organization dedicated to releasing recordings and presenting compelling new work with performances and installations in New York and around the world. He formed his own ensemble,Patrick Grant Group, in 1998.

Composers Concordance

2nd Annual Composers Play Composers Marathon

Drom NYC January 30th, 2011

An interview with Patrick Grant and Jocelyn Gonzales before the Composers Concordance show “Composers Play Composers” at the Club Drom on January 31, 2010.

Some pictures from Marathon 2010. We had 23 composers who played their own music for more than three hours in a row. It was a huge success!!! Looking forward for the next (third) season of the Composers Marathon!

For this years’ info please click HERE

All photos ©2010 by Jill Steinberg

Three hours of non-stop music by 24 composers - Drom NYC invites all music lovers to the 3rd Annual Music Marathon!

When: January 29th 2012 at 7pm

Where: 85 Avenue A, New York,

Who: Dan Cooper, Peter Breiner, Patrick Grant, Gene Pritsker, Luis Cobo, David Saperstein, Valerie Coleman, David Soldier, Larry Simon, Peri Mauer, Milica Paranosic, Franz Hackl, Ezequiel Viñao, Andrew M. Lee, Loop B, Eleonor Sandresky, Peter Jarvis, Dan Barrett, Eve Beglarian, Cristian Amigo, Rubens Salles, Svjetlana Bukvich-Nichols, Michael Wolff, Jed Distler, Sara Holtzschue, David Chesky, Dan Palkowski